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Thank You Notes…
Rating: From Sravanthi:
I am extremely happy with the response and care I get for my kids.
Rating: From a Parent:
Dr. Sharma was very friendly and informative. She answered all our concerns about our 2-year old son and 6-year old daughter.
Rating: From Tanmay K.
Fast accurate. Dr. Sharma was caring, easy to interact with, and very thorough with her recommendations.
Rating: From Carol H.
My husband and I have been bringing our two children to Puri Pediatrics from the time my daughter was born a little over 23 years ago and my son 21 years ago. Dr. Veena Puri and all the doctors have always been very attentive, caring and thorough in all their exams. Always taking time to answer any questions we may have, working to solve any issues that have arisen, and always following up on anything that has come up. I first met Dr. Veena Puri when she was the on-call doctor at Washington Hospital, when our daughter was born. We have been very happy with Puri Pediatrics.
Rating: From A Parent:
Dr. Puri is very friendly and she makes our visit very comfortable during our office visit. She is knowledgeable and her treatment produces the results we need. Thank you Dr. Puri.
Rating: From Darpana M.:
Have been visiting Puri Pediatrics since my son was a day old. Have had a very good experience as all the staff and Dr. Veena Puri have been very caring. Had a good experience seeing Dr. Sharma as well.
Rating: From Akhila K.
Utmost personal care, humbled staff as they are always helpful every time we visit. Puri Peds is our best choice as she goes over almost every problem with patience and suggests lot of alternate medicine as needed.
Rating: From Veena S.
We’ve had Dr. Veena from day 1 when both of our kids were born @ WHS. It has always been just me, my husband and the kids in U.S. We just couldn’t have gotten this far raising two wonderful teens without Dr. Veena’s help. She has always been there for us. Not just as our doctor for both kids, but as that angel, who listens and has solutions, advice on raising them through all their phases. The staff – Bethanie and Jennifer – are wonderful. THANKS TO THE ENTIRE PURI PEDIATRIC TEAM!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Rating: From Yash D.
I have been coming here since I was only fifteen months old. Every visit was a good one. There is nobody better!
Rating: From Sonal D.
Both my kids have been under Dr. Puri’s care, my son since he was 15 months. Now, he is 18 years; and my daughter since she was born until now. She is now 15 years.
Rating: From Renu S.
It has been a year that I am coming here to see Dr. Puri for my son’s regular checkup. She and all her staff are very supportive and caring. They have gone out of their way whenever we needed them. It is really a blessing to have Dr. Puri and staff around.
Rating: From Mohan R.
Thank you so much, Dr. Sharma. Your suggestions have made a big impact in my child’s life.
Rating: From Madhura S.
Dr. Puri and Dr. Sharma are excellent doctors. We feel that our children are in safe hands all the time. Office staffs are very kind and friendly. We love Puri Pediatrics :)
Rating: From Mandy M.
Puri Pediatrics have cared for my 3 kids from day one. They are all teenagers now. A very family like environment. They are always here to answer my every concern. I highly recommend them.
Rating: From Varish V.
As per Dr. Sharma's advice, I had put my son in swimming. There has been a lot of improvement with regards to his concentration, energy and listening skills. Thanks much for the advice. Keep up the good work!!
Rating: From Rohan G.
Dr. Anamika Sharma and the whole staff takes full care of two kids. We are patients here six years and alaways receive a 5-star care. Thanks much again and keep the good work. :)
Rating: From Akshaya R.
Good staff and great doctor. Thank you. Dr. Puri.
Rating: From Nicole P.
The people who work here are so nice and wonderful to be around, especially Dr. Veena. Everyone who works here are so caring to kids of all ages.
Rating: From Jim S.
Exceptional care of our six children over the past 15 years. Awesome staff. Personalized attention to individual needs.
Rating: From Jody F.
Dr. Veena Puri knows her patients come first. Even during holidays, our son Patrick came in on New Year's Eve and had MRSA. We were checked in the hospital immediately! This kind of attention and care was amazing! Thank you,

From Alana B.
We have been seeing Dr. Veena for 23 years. The Puris have always been caring & very considerate. My daughter has a hearing problem that finally got to the point of needing a hearing aid, and Dr. Veena got the appt. with the ENT doctor moved up so that we were able to get her hearing aid before she returned to school.Thank You Dr. Veena,

Rating: The Padilla Family
The staff and doctors are extremely knowledgeable. We have been bringing our daughters since 2001. Many Thanks.
Rating: The Jain Family
I have never seen and experienced such a great doctor. Dr. Veena Puri is amazing! She has always been courteous, empathic and always listened patiently to all our questions and needs. Her diagnosis and treatment plan always hits the target. Our daughter just loves Dr. Puri. I don’t think that I can be more satisfied with any other doctor. Dr. Puri has raised the bar of satisfaction, commitment and care so high that it is almost impossible for us to think of life without Dr. Puri for childcare. Dr. Puri – We all love you!
Rating: Devanshi G.
I love my doc (Dr. Puri). She is the best I have experienced so far. She gives complete attention, listens and has easy solutions for our growing kids. I am moving to another State and I will be missing my doc more than anything else. I would recommend all to visit here for their kids. It is complete 1-stop solution provider. Thank you Dr. Puri!
From Margarette T.
Dr. Puri took care of my children for almost 14 years and the staff and doctors were truly sincere in their efforts to give the best medical care for my children. The staff members were polite and answered my questions to my satisfaction.
From Veena K
I feel very comfortable discussing any issues, concerns regarding my kids with Dr. Veena Puri. We have been coming here for last 8 years and really appreciate the honest and right advise for our kids health and development. I have recommended so many of my friends and family to Dr. Puri and will continue doing that. Thanks!
From Lisa W.:
I met Dr. Puri (October 1995) before my daughter was born. She was so helpful to me and she made me feel like she was a long time friend. She explained about breastfeeding and how everything would play out and most of all not to worry! I was about to be a new mom and she help make this process to be easy, which made feel excited and relax. When my first daughter was born, she had some troubles and Dr. Puri was like a shining star coming to the hospital within a day or two of her arrival to say, “She looks beautiful and don’t worry!”.
In December it will be 18 years! In the meantime, I’ve had another daughter 3-1/2 years later. She did the same with my second daughter. Dr. Puri has made us feel like a family over these years. She has walked along side with us, guided my children when they were ill and when they were well with a good job, or look at how well you are doing with hugs and each time showing how much she cares each and every visit. Lots of emergency visits and she always stayed late, came in early to fit us in. Went the extra mile!!
The front desk staff has been amazing and I have loved seeing the same friendly faces over the years with such a welcome to the girls and I. Thank you again for that! Dr. Puri and staff are set apart from the rest. They know what they are doing and they welcome us with open arms, take care of us, and when we leave the office, we so thankful to be in such good hands all these years!! It’s the reason why we never left and still drive a distance to return. Thank you all for all the love, guidance and support over the years!
From Sona S.:
Have been coming to this office for the past 15 years. Really like the personal relationship with Dr. Puri and the office staff – Very helpful and comforting environment. Dr. Puri’s vast experience and expertise has helped us through both our kids’ medical problems.
From No name (09/04/13)
Very happy and satisfied with their treatment. Very warm with the kids. Very helpful to parents in all the aspects about the kids.
From Amelia E.:
Left because of insurance change. We are so happy to be back. Feels like we’re back home with family:)
From Sukhbir C.:
Dr. Veena is one of the best pediatricians in Bay area and my kids are 8 and 5 years old. Love her very much. Thanks a lot, Dr. Veena.
From Murugan S.:
We trust Dr. Puri’s office for our kids’ health.
From Anu R.:
I have been visiting Puri Pediatrics for the last 16 years. Dr. Veena Puri is such a nice doctor who always answer my queries (which are a lot) for my two daughters
From Luc O.:
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Puri. I have been coming here for 26 years since my first born. I love the Puri’s. Much love from your patients Andrew, Aaron, Isaiah and Leah.
From the Gajjar Family:
We really appreciate prompt response and direct answers to questions that we have.
From the Quiroz Family:
Rating: Great!
Great experience; and Dr. Puri was amazing! My twins were calm when she did their ear piercing. Thank you.
From Dr. Seema and Rupinder:
Dr. Veena Puri, Dr. Hari Puri and their team of doctors have a unique commitment to excellence and work diligently to do the absolute best job. They are very fair-minded, articulate, and never given to impulsiveness or haste. Every appointment is completed with impeccable attention to detail and with an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations. They have been our son’s doctor for almost 10 years now. We are very appreciative of their staff who is always very polite and helpful and always go the extra mile to give us convenient appointments and complete all the paperwork needed for school so efficiently. We give them our highest possible recommendation.
From Muthu, Visalakshi, Mahathi and Srihari:

It was not an easy first year with our twins, but with Dr. Veena and everyone at Puri Pediatrics it did fly so fast and smooth. Several questions and concerns as new parents every tiny bit was addressed. Where do we start… Be it breastfeeding basics, or are the babies getting enough milk through feedings, or weight gain, or constipation in newborns, or spit up/colic issues… All newborn baby issues were very well addressed without any stress on us. Being Indians, we always hear norms and things you do to newborns in India. Whenever we brought those up to Dr. Veena, she would accept or reject them not just blindly but with a scientific reason behind it. It is really amazing on how all the doctors and staff takes time to know each patient and be very friendly.

We have to mention in particular how much Dr. Veena meticulously follows on the records. There were incidents where we ended up in the ER after office hours and there was Dr. Veena following up with the ER Pediatrician on the phone until things were sorted out even though she was travelling. I recall another incident when the lab work came in late in the evening; she tried reaching us and finally got hold of us at 10:30 pm. When we were worried about it, she assured you have other things to take care and that she is there to worry about getting our daughter better.

We are really grateful to Dr. Veena and staff at Puri Pediatrics for the excellent job they do, which is of great service to this community. We will gladly recommend Puri Pediatrics to any of our friends and are very very happy that we got to know them.

Thanks a million to all of you at Puri Pediatrics.

From Jennifer L.:
We have been under wonderful care of Puri Pediatric Medical Group for OVER 22 YEARS!!!! 5 stars is not even enough to describe how I feel about Dr. Veena and Dr. Hari Puri’s patience, kindness, professionalism and the continued love that they gave and STILL give both my daughters Jessica and Stephanie, now 22 and 19 years old, respectively. 

Dr. Veena detected heart trouble in my daughter Stephanie, when she was only 6 weeks old. Stephanie was misdiagnosed when her father and I took her into the emergency when she was breathing rapidly and throwing up her formula… the doctor on duty told us that these symptoms were ‘common’ and ‘normal’ in newborns.....that was Saturday night. Fast forward to Monday morning when I took Stephanie in to see Dr. Veena, immediately Dr. Veena knew something wasn't right with Stephanie's heart and she sent us to a cardiologist. THAT WAS A LIFE SAVING DECISION… and forever I will be thankful to God that Dr. Veena was our doctor. Stephanie went to Stanford Children's hospital later that day… had surgery… and today she is wonderfully healthy and happy… THANK YOU, Dr. Veena.

I could go on and on about all the ailments my daughters have had during their infancy, childhood, adolescence and into adulthood and how both doctors Puri helped my daughters tremendously. Not only medically but also helping them psychologically during those sometimes difficult teenage years… They also helped me, as the mother, to understand what my daughters were going through. What a blessing it was to have these two caring doctors in our lives.
As a mother being able to put your trust into a pediatrician is critical. I was so lucky and beyond blessed to have these two incredible and remarkable doctors for my cherished daughters. I love you both Drs. Veena and Hari Puri!

From Jennifer D:
We are so blessed to have Dr. Puri as our child's pediatrician. We feel so comfortable with her. Our child gets better as soon as we enter her door. That's my perception, but it is so true. Also we can communicate in our own language that's a plus. We highly recommend her for your child.
From Mrs. Doan:
My daughter has been with Puri Pediatrics for over 5 years. We have received very good services; and their staff is very helpful and friendly.
From: Divya K.:
We have been with Puri Peds for 12 years. Both my children have been under care of Drs. Puri. They give individual attention to patients. The advice they give is very practical and effective. I would recommend Puri Peds to anyone.
From Bindu K.:
Thanks for getting the ear piercing done for my daughter Laasya.
From: Ajay V.
We are blessed to have Dr.Puri take care of our lil' angel Mahima. Doctors team is available all round the clock to help boost us n all needs. Strongly recommend this place for all infant care in Bay Area.
From: Seetharaman S.
Thanks for extending the hours that we could see the doctor. When the child was sick, you have always seen us the same day we have called. Thanks, once again, to you and your team of doctors for the excellent service and commitment to serving your patients.
From: Shakespeare Family
We have been Puri Pediatric patients for about ten years. We love our doctors and the attention they give us. My kids all have needs beyond normal children. Each one of them have their own issues ranging from ADHD, dyslexia, spina bifida to other learning problems. The patience from the girls always makes me feel great, even when these kids freaking out over shots. Dr. Veena is willing to get what we need and she always has suggestions to help with parenting. Any doctor that joins the group, I have full confidence in, because I know Dr. Veena is thorough in who she hires. Last, but surely not least important, you cannot get better support from Dr. Veena’s office staff. They always quickly get any questions answered and any other needs are quickly handled. We spend very little time waiting in lobby which shows the character of an effective team. We love Puri Pediatrics!!
From: Aahana K.
Awesome experience! No wait!! Doctors spend lot of tiome explaining and addressing needs. We highly recommend Puri Pediatric Medical Group to every parent.
From Ritu M.
Rating: 7 stars (5 being the most enjoyable experience)
I love this place so I am back for my two kids.
From: Prasad D.
It’s very pleasure and relief talking to Dr. Puri and the staff is kind. We have been coming here for the past three years starting with our first daughter. Thank you, Dr. Puri.
From: Zollette H.
Rating: 5 Stars
Thank you for being so great, Dr. Puri. Jennifer and Alberta are friendly and helpful.
From: Ann G.
Rating: All the Way
The care that my three children have received over the past 18 years has been outstanding. I am very satisfied with the level of service that my children receive. Every staff member is outstanding, warm and friendly. I have never had a bad experience. I would highly recommend Puri Pediatrics to anyone seeking excellent child medical care
From: Kelly Q.
Hi Dr. Veena,
I don't know if you remember me, but you and Dr. Hari took very good care of my son Jeremy when he was a baby. He was hospitalized when he was 7 months old really sick and was sick with asthmas for a long time after. He just turned 20 last weekend and hasn't taken medicine for his asthma for quite a while now. He is an awesome son. He takes classes at the local junior college and works at Starbucks in Ripon. Very independent which I didn't think he would be at least not this much. But we are very close and we talk about a lot things. Our oldest Chris is 26 now and is a Sgt. in the Air Force. He has been in for 8 years now. He was just married to a girl who has 2 girls ages 3 and 4 and they are expecting another girl in 2 weeks. I will be flying out to see them in Montana on the 10th. We are very excited our first grandchild. Plus we love her two girls very much they are great. Well, I thought I would look up Puri Pediatrics and I saw your name. You and Dr. Hari were and always will have a special place in our hearts and I just wanted to let you know how our boys were doing. Say hello to Dr. Hari for us.
From: Lengefeld Family
I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Veena Puri and staff.

Dr. Veena Puri's credentials speak for themselves, but in addition to being an obvious "expert's expert," she is a deeply compassionate, patient, and thoughtful person. She is more available than anyone has a right to expect and it's very clear that Dr. Veena thinks about her patients long after they've left the office. Not only has Dr. Veena has taken time to address every rookie parenting question that we've had -- regardless of the hour -- but she's followed up with links to articles, further thoughts, and friendly "how's it going" emails. Also, she has a sense of humor which is very very necessary. As parents we have already made a lot of mistakes but choosing Dr. Veena is one we feel really really good about. Dr. Veena is profoundly generous with her time, and we feel very fortunate to have our son, Michael, in her practice.

Puri Pediatric Medical Group is an extremely adept, compassionate, attentive and friendly office staff, and even responsive after hours via email questions. We could not be happier. I look forward to a long relationship with PPMG!

From: Radhika
Our family has had the pleasure of having both Dr Veena & Hari Puri as our Pediatrician for over 16 years. They are knowledgeable, patient, diligent and above all they epitomize the main attribute that is essential for any great pediatrician “trustworthiness”. They have gone beyond their call of duty to ensure that my children have been properly treated. They exemplify the definition of a remarkable doctor.
From: Raj and Lalitha
It has been a great experience seeing Dr. Veena for my son - Dhanesh. My wife had several issues in getting started with breastfeeding. Dr. Veena conducts several breastfeeding sessions with new moms and it is extremely helpful. My wife has learned a lot from these sessions and she is very confident now. We would like to convery your thanks to Dr. Veena.
From: Felicity and Coppélin
I am very glad that I can bring my daughter to the same Drs. that took such good care of me as a child. Our family trusts Drs. Hari and Veena very much enjoy our visits. The office staff is always warm and friendly as well. It's very nice and refreshing that they always remember our names and what's going on with us from visit to vist.
From: Pritika
I would like to thank you for taking care of our daughter Anika for her persistant cough. After Anika's appointment, she was diagnosed with bronchitis and you went out of your way to take care of her. Since we didnt have a nebulizer at home, you immediately contacted a sales representative who arrived within the hour at our home and hand delivered the machine and gave instruction on how to use it. After using the machine for 1 day, her cough was almost gone. We appreciate you going out of your way to ensure that Anika was better especially since we were out of town while this happened and my mother was taking care of Anika. My mother was comforted by her visit to your clinic and the way you handled this situation.

We have always felt that you are a very caring and competent doctor and take the time to explain the problem to us rather than rushing us out the door. You are very patient in answering questions and concerns and we are glad that you are the pediatrician for our 2 daughters.

Also, we have been using the Relay health emailing service and I totally love it. We can give you feedback about how the medicines are working after the appointment and also get some advice on some issues from you. I usually get a response back from you within the same day. Thank you for being so prompt, it makes us feel like you are paying personal attention to us.
From: Beatriz
Our son is the most important priority in our lives. It gives us such a great sense of peace knowing he is being taken care of by Puri Pediatric. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Veena and Hari Puri along with Dr.Remo Cerruti have treated our son like he was part of their family. I would highly recommend them.
From: Julio T.
First off, I want to thank all of the doctors and the wonderful staff for there time and patients with my children. I came about a month ago to get the H1N1 shot for my kids. When we got there Jennifer at the front desk was very sweet, and was quick in checking my kids in. Roberto took my kids to the room and got them settled in. She was very nice to them trying to calm their nerves about having to get a shot. Bethanie who gave my kids the shot was really kid friendly. She was quick and easy. She talked to them to try to get their mind off the shot too.

Overall we had a very quick and painless visit. Dr. Veena Puri came in to check my kids to clear them to get the shot. She was very sweet and treated my kids as if they were her own. She has a gentle nature about herself, and really seems as if she enjoys doing what she is doing. Thank again to the staff and the doctors.

From: Connie H., Fremont
We have our daughter in our home on 1/22. Everything went well... considering I had a 33 hour labor! We decided on a homebirth because I don't particularly like hospitals and I can't imagine going to the hospital when I'm in labor!

We visited different pediatricians and liked Dr. Veena the best. So far, Alexandria (our little girl) has been doing really well. I like Dr. Veena but hope we won't have to see her too often! :-)

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Some Comments from Our Guest Book…
4/4/2009 John
Mece, thank you and my sister love your office. thank you Drs Puri and Cerruti for taking care of me and my sister for the last 12 years. we love the stickers and the newly started art contest. thank you for providing such excellent care to us.
4/4/2009 chrstina
Drs Puri and Dr. Cerruti. and wonderful. our children have been coming here for 20 years.we love you all and feel very lucky to have such a caring group. The doctors are always very open and ready to listen and very good and have tons of experience. vary easy to get same day appointments.No doubt the best Pediatric group!!!!!!!!!!!!.
4/2/2009 priti
we love your office and your doctors and staff. we appreciate the new art contest and your dietary classes .
4/2/2009 mili
i love all the doctors and staff at puri pediatrics, they are so experienced and caring. this is the best group of doctors i have ever met. we feel very lucky to have found them. we come here from danville and feel it is worth it
3/9/2009 Anu Bhasin
Puri Pediatrics is the best place for my kids wellbeing. The support staff and the Doctors are all so experienced and loving we know that our kids are in safe hands.
3/9/2009 Rajinder Bhasin
For my kids health I would never believe in any other doctor than Dr Hari & Veena. They are the best. Regards, Rajinder Bhasin
2/16/2009 Monica and Anurag Batr
Puri Pediatrics is a safe heaven for us. The support staff and the Doctors are all so experienced and loving that I really do not have a preference on who sees my now one year old boy, because we know we are in safe hands
10/28/2008 Ravinder Chera and Suk
Excellent Web site. We love it. Dr Puri Thanks, for taking such good care of our little Princess Harleen Chera.
12/18/2006 Mrs. Athena Holland
WOW!! I am so impressed, no surprise to me though. Hope all is well with the Puri Family. Happy Holidays to everyone. Love, Athena, Russ, Erinn & Sierra p.s. Say "HI" to Farzi for me.
10/16/2006 Mrs. Jordan
Awesome website, Dr. Puri! I love it!
10/3/2006 Barbara Romero
The website is looking great!
9/29/2006 Dr. Latika Puri
Congratulations, this is a great thing and i am very proud of you guys