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Travelling with Children

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CDC Travel Information

Travel to Southeast Asia: Information is available in the office.

Travel Information from Puri Pediatrics is available in the office at the time of visit.

International Travel: We realize that travel overseas - to meet family and friends- is an important part of a child's life while growing up. We advise you as to how to make this experience pleasant, memorable as safe. Drs. Hari and Veena travel themselves very frequently to India, they are excellent in providing you with travel information. As soon as you start planning your trip, make an appointment to see them. They can help and guide you so that your travel with children is safe and pleasant. Remember that if any immunizations are needed, they need to be completed over several weeks before your travel begins. Also, it is important that they see your child at six weeks after you return to ensure that they have not picked up any illness during this travel.