Invitation from AAPIO (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin)

We (AAPIO) have the honor of inviting you to the annual gala of AAPIO. You have been nominated and elected to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from AAPIO for all your contributions to medicine as well as to AAPIO.

Dr. Veena Puri received a Lifetime Achievement Award from AAPIO for more than 40 years of service to her community. One of the longest surviving solo practices in her area. She started as the first female and minority pediatrician in a department of 30 men. Dr. Veena Puri, we salute you.

These comments are from her friends, colleagues and patients:
“Wow! Trailblazer as ever. You always stand above the rest. And not only is it just tenacity and endurance, you are a shining example of light when there is darkness, joy when there is gloom and strength when there is weakness. So proud of you. Best regards. It’s truly what I have felt about you. You have been a role model for me and have given me so much strength that it is virtually indescribable. You have fought against all odds and are still standing tall. Kudos and cheers.”

“Dr. Puri was my pediatrician and one of the most caring women I ever met. I think she may have needed to convince me to get a big boy doctor”

“What an amazing recognition of one of the most dedicated physicians and most generous human being.”