Important Information for Parents

We feel privileged that you trust the medical care of your children to us. We will do our best to meet your expectations. We are in the same caring team as you are. From time to time, we will need your help and cooperation to deliver the best care we can provide. Please review the following in the spirit it is meant to help you, and us, in providing the best care to your children.

    1. The registration forms are very important tools to help you and the practice.Please complete it when requested by the office staff. It is the only way we can contact you in case of an emergency, or when we need to inform you about abnormal lab, x-ray results, or follow up on your child’s condition. It is very important that we make a copy of your insurance card at each visit. This would avoid following up with insurance carriers for claims that are not paid. Please remember that as a courtesy to you, we bill your insurance. Payment is ultimately your responsibility.
    2. Be sure to return the encounter form to the front desk before leaving the office. Don’t take it home with you. Please remember to bring your wallet to pay your share of the bill. After all, the materials and services provided to you have to be paid by the money you pay. We do our part, you do yours.
    3. Before the examination, do not give your child anything to eat or drink. e.g. colored drinks or cookies. It makes the mouth and throat examination difficult to perform. Loosen your child’s shoes, clothes and remove all but the last layer for the doctor to examine.
    4. Do not let your child play with the water tap, papers, handouts, office supplies, etc. This will avoid waste; paper cuts; and spillage of water on the floor. Unnoticed water on the floor may be slippery and can cause accidents. Doctor’s sitting stool with wheels is dangerous for your child to play with. Do not let your child wander around, inside and outside the exam room, and in the hallway. This is for your child’s safety and privacy of the others. If you think your child feels better when in the waiting area, please do so, but do let the medical assistant know, so that she can find you at your turn.
    5. Prepare your child about exam and shots before coming to the office. If shots are to be given, please do not tell your child that there will be no shot. The child feels cheated if lied to. We expect you to hold the child’s legs firmly, when the shot is being given.
    6. Your child may be examined in the parent’s lap or on the examination table depending on the child’s age. Please assist the doctor and the staff by following the instructions. Stand by the baby while s/he is on the examination table at all times. Do not leave your child unattended even for a moment.
    7. Please note that cell phone use is not allowed in the office. Your conversation over the cell phone is distracting in providing healthcare to your child.
    8. Do not throw dirty diapers in the trash can in the room. When requested, the medical assistant can give you a plastic bag. Please take the dirty diapers with you as a courtesy to the next patient (and parent).
    9. It is a well known fact that by calling the prescriptions over the phone, there is an increased chance of errors. So in the interest of safety of the children, we will not call prescriptions over the phone.
    10. If school or day care forms have to be filled, please bring them with you at the time of check-up. If you bring it at a later date, you will have to pick up the completed form the next day. It takes time to search, review your child’s chart and fill the form.

Thank you again for allowing us to participate in the medical care of your child. We appreciate your help, understanding and cooperation in these matters. If there is anything we can do to improve our services, please do drop us a note. We thank you for choosing Puri Pediatrics for taking care of your child’s health and appreciate your confidence.