About Us

Puri Pediatric Medical Group has been proudly serving your needs in the Fremont area since late 1981. We have a wonderful and caring team of board certified doctors and excellent, caring, and very friendly staff.

As part of our continued efforts to improve our services and add to your conveniences, we are very pleased to announce the availability of online request for appointments. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT TO REPLACE OR REQUEST SICK VISITS OR SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS OR ANY ADVICE FROM THE DOCTORS. This is a tool to add to your convenience as parents but not to replace the state-of-the-art medicine practiced in a personalized manner.

Some examples of common appointment requests (but not limited to) are for: wellness check up, prenatal appointments, travel, recheck, return appointments, referrals, filling out any forms, medication/prescription refills, and lab or x–ray results. Please note that lab and x-ray results are not directly available for your viewing as of yet.

From the comfort of your home and with just a click on your computer or smart phone, this can be used for any non-urgent and non-medical questions for the office and not the doctor.

Please leave us the name and date of birth of your child. And the best callback phone number (only one) and if you prefer by email, your email address. Please be sure to include your current insurance information with a copy of front and back of the insurance card to facilitate the appointment.

Our very friendly and caring staff will call you back within the next 1-2 business days. If you have not heard from our office within 3 business days, please call our office. Based on availability of appointments, we will try our best to accommodate your requests. Give us your 2 best days and options in time of the day you would prefer for appointments. Since appointments after 3 pm especially on Mondays and Fridays get booked fast please give us maximum notice.

Please note that we accept most insurances and new patients are always welcome.