Our Staff


Front Office

Jennifer has been with this office since 2001. She started in the front as a receptionist and with her sustained hard work is now supervisor of the front office and new patient coordinator. Her pleasant and caring personality brings instant relief to worried parents. She takes charge quickly and will make sure that she can keep a balance between the scheduling of patients and patient flow. She is great with remembering names and voices so don’t be surprised if she knows who you already are, before you give her your name. She lives in Fremont with her two beautiful children, a son born in 2001 and a daughter in 2004. She is a great asset to our group.


Medical Assistant / Administrative Assistant

Farzi has been part of our office since 1989. She started as a medical assistant and took over managing all the different aspects of the office after getting her business degree in 2004. She has proven to be an excellent senior administrative assistant. Her smile and calm personality are contagious. She understands the importance of extended families. She lives in Fremont with her husband and two beautiful sons born in 1998 and 2005. She balances herself well with her career and role as a mother. She understands working parents and we are very proud to have her work here.



Bethanie has been here since 2004, and she has been a great asset to our office. She can multi-task with great ease and her pleasant and caring personality is very comforting to all young mothers being a young mother herself. She has two beautiful children a son born in 1999 and a daughter in 2003. She understands the needs of working mothers very well. She is in charge of the insurance billing and insurance verification. She is a very well trained medical assistant and you may also see her in the front office, back office, and the phones. We love her!


Lead Medical

Mayra has been with Puri Pediatrics since August 2013. She has been a medical assistant since February 2004 and a certified LVN since August 2013. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of medical assisting, including front and back office. She has a caring and pleasant personality and helps calm anxious patients by explaining the procedures in detail and answering all their questions. She can multitask very well.

She has a beautiful daughter named Nadine who was born in 2007. Mayra likes to spend time with her daughter as much as possible when she is not working. She likes to travel and go to the movies with her family. Mayra balances her career and family life extremely well. We are very happy to have her as part of Puri Pediatrics.